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ZinnoX was conceptualized as a company that would offer not just technology solutions but also business solutions to companies, organizations, institutes and individuals across verticals and industries, irrespective of their technical, business or scientific domains.

Our offerings include a range of solutions right from security offerings to patent solutions and e-learning services. ZinnoX is proud to be associated with some of the leading names in their respective industry/verticals to bring to India the best services/offerings/solutions there is, for uncompromised and unparalleled user experience.

Our approach towards customer service is unconventional in the sense that we not just take the effort to make it as personalized as possible, from directly visiting your offices to spending considerable time with your team to understand and strategize on solutions on a personal level.

Our Services

App Security

ZinnoX offers Application Security services by means of its Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment services. These services include high end testing for our clients’ web/mobile applications and networks.

Our approach towards application security helps to identify the vulnerabilities and logical flaws that may be present in the applications or network, and this is done by using a number of some of the most advanced tools and custom scripts. What sets us apart is that we incorporate manual testing to a very large extent which will enable us to eliminate the errors in findings of the tools, and provide the clients with an extremely accurate report.

Security Training

ZinnoX has partnered with Security Innovation, one of the leading names in the Security Trainings industry, to bring to India their vast courses and modules on various Security Trainings such as App Sec, Data Card Security and Information Security. SI has been recognized as one of the leading authority in platform and software security with over 20 years of experience.

SI’s unique and unconventional approach towards training and education offers foundational or functional training, and is designed to hone core skills, and reinforcement of assets which provides the awareness and knowledge required in the time of need.

Patent App & Reports

ZinnoX is proud to have partnered with one of leading giants in the field of Intellectual Property Rights Solutions provider, Questel Inc., to bring to India a vast array of techno-legal support systems which are unparalleled in their recognition and credibility with the widest number of users.

Questel was established in the year 1978, and is currently present in more than 30 countries and having garnered the trust of more than 3,000 companies and exceeding 100,000 users! Questel’s solutions include comprehensive suites and innumerable offerings of web-based services and solutions that focus on collaborations and productivity provided from the perspectives of Intellectual Property.

Our Partners



  • ZinnoX has been a great partner for Azuba. They are not just extremely reliable, but also have proven to be a valuable partner. Their professional yet friendly approach has helped us win several great customers who are very appreciative of their flexibility and unmatched quality of services. They are ever ready to accommodate the toughest projects at the shortest notice, and are always willing to listen to the customers’ particular requirements.

    Azuba’s partnership with ZinnoX is proving to be an asset to both the companies and the customers are reaping the benefits of this extremely nurtured and fruitful partnership.



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