FollowApp Profile


FollowApp Introduction

The Perfect App to keep a track of all your calls in one place, with Easy Highlighting and Prioritizing capabilities.

FollowApp is an extremely useful application for business owners and entrepreneurs. It can even be used as a CRM, with capabilities to record calls, highlight important points of discussion during the call with the touch of a button on the screen, and also make notes as you go along.
FollowApp also allows you to set reminders and prioritize calls, customize your dashboard with a list of all ‘to-do’ items for the day, and access recorded calls, all in one place.

It is a must-have application for Sales and Business Professionals, who are always on the go and conduct most of their business over telephonic conversations. With an extremely user-friendly interface, and easy to use functions, FollowApp will be your go-to application to manage your customer interactions and follow –up strategy, resulting in faster and more efficient deal closures.

FollowApp Features

Call Recording

Record Call easily helps to access later for different purposes

Call Highlight

Highlighting Important Sections of the call, in Real-time

Coloured Sections

Prioritize Separate marked sections using color-coding

Notes on Each Section

Add Notes on Each Section with the touch of a button


Set Reminders/Follow-Up Actions and Sync it to your calendar

Friendly Dashboard

Access all this Information, Including Recorded Calls on a Neat, Concise dashboard