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ZinnoX Reporting Tool

ZinnoX’s Reporting Tool (ZRT) aims at making the Pen Testing Report Creation a completely automated process ZRT is an extremely simple, user friendly and efficient application that one can use to create concise, crisp and comprehensive reports by following just a few simple steps.

ZRT allows one to create a comprehensive database of bugs/vulnerabilities, which can be pulled up any time to compile specific projects with the discovered findings

The ZinnoX Reporting Tool Home Screen has a simple user interface, with 4 tabs/options:

  • Bugs Database
  • Add Finding
  • D.R.E.A.D Calculator
  • Project Management

Each of these tabs allows for a specific function in the report creation process.
The ZRT is all set to revolutionize the report automation industry by bringing together the simplest user interface and experience, with the highest impacting value added features This makes the entire reporting process a quick, hassle-free experience The outcome is crisp, concise and comprehensive reports, all in a matter of minutes, with the push of a series of a few buttons


✅Manage Bug Database
✅Manage Projects
✅Upload Knowledge Base With One Click
✅Generate Report With One Click
✅Dread Calculator

✅ OWASP Mapping for Each Bug
✅ Easy Data Modification
✅ Sync Your Own Report Format
✅ Back Up Bugs
✅ Back Up Projects