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ZinnoX Information Security Service

Information Security Testing is the process of ensuring the safety and protection of data and other contents of the application. Information Security or Security Testing is done to prevent unauthorized access, modification, use, or destruction of valuable information; which may result in a negative business impact. ZinnoX Information Security Service includes Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments done for Web and Mobile Applications; and also includes Network Testing Service.

ZinnoX takes a hybrid approach towards Information Security, by combining the Automated Testing and Manual Testing Approaches, to bring to you one of the most comprehensive coverage of vulnerabilities present in the application. Add to this an extremely detailed and concise Penetration Testing Report, to ensure that your Data Security Challenges are effectively addressed.

Application Penetration Testing

ZinnoX Application Security Testing includes Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment of the highest quality, with guaranteed Zero False Positives and in-depth Business Logic Coverage. We also ensure complete coverage of WASC II, OWASP and CSE/SANS Top Classes.


Key Differentiators

✅Complete Flexibility & Scalability
✅Cost Effective
✅Premium Level Test
✅Comprehensive Advanced Business Logic Test
✅100% WASC II, SANS/CWE Top 25, OWASP Top 10
✅Detailed Reports with PoC Screenshots

Web Application Penetration Testing

✅ Zero False Positives Guarantee
✅ OWASP Top 10
✅ CWE/SANS Top 25
✅ WASC II 100% Coverage
✅ Business Logic Testing
✅ On Demand (24x7)