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ZinnoX Security Training

ZinnoX is a proud Security Training partner of Security Innovation, the world leader in cyber security for over a decade. We bring to India their highly trusted and widely recognized Security Training eLearning courses and modules for a comprehensive and interactive approach towards cyber security. The Security Innovation team is one of the most accomplished in the business of cyber security with deep knowledge and expertise, having tremendous credibility.
Application Security Training: Over 120 Instructor based courses | Pre-Assessment to help the candidates for right courses | Post-Assessments like quizzes and exams. | The unique CMD+CTRL Hackathons | Secure Coding Knowledgebase

Security Awareness Training Each purpose built module includes 10 minute videos with complete control options, functionality, exams and available in several options. What’s more, the modules can also be sorted and matched or mixed according to roles, and even customized to include organization specific information and branding. Topics to choose from are:

Phishing Awareness | Password Security | PCI Compliance | Email Security | Malware Awareness | Mobile security | Physical security | Social Engineering | Travel Security